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Augmented IT Services  

While managed services are an excellent option for businesses with no existing staff or skillset to handle their technology, it may not be an ideal solution for everybody. Perhaps you already have a committed IT team or are able to handle some of your technology needs independently. If this is the case than an augmented IT service arrangement would likely be more beneficial for you.

Enhance your existing IT team with augmented IT services provided by B4 Networks, closing the gap between you and your technology. We can provide you any necessary support and services that your current IT infrastructure is need of, rounding out what’s already in place to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Would augmented IT services help you get the most out of your technology? B4 Networks can help, stepping in where needed with our skills and expertise. Contact us at (905) 346_-4966 or to learn more.

When you rely on B4 Networks to augment your IT services you benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing the strain on your existing IT team – sometimes your in-house technicians cannot bear the burden alone. When special projects or extra work rolls in you have the ability to enlist the help you need to take over certain responsibilities and reduce the strain on your employees.
  • A complete technology experience – you are able to use industry-leading technology to your advantage, whether it’s within the realm of your IT staff’s expertise or not. We can supplement your services, bringing you access to proactive maintenance, innovative cloud services, comprehensive security, and skills and knowledge that aren’t available in-house.
  • Free up your IT team for more important work – routine administration tasks and maintenance can be time-consuming, and when you take advantage of augmented IT services you can free up your IT staff to focus on more important work and special projects.
  • Cost-effective staffing solutions – there is no need to replace or expand your IT team, we work with your staff to enhance operations and leverage your technology for success. Augmented IT services provide the customization and flexibility you need to run at full potential.
  • An IT partnership – we work with you, co-managing your team to get the most effective results possible from your technology. Not only do we provide the services and solutions you need to enhance the way you work, but we bring with it the technical skills, strategic planning, and expert guidance and advice you need to maximize your IT investment.


Get the complete IT package you need to succeed. B4 Networks offers augmented IT services to enhance your existing skills and expertise. Call us at (905) 346_-4966 or send an email to to talk to us about how we can help.