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Backup and Business Continuity

If your computer systems and data was lost because of a disaster, would you be able to continue running your business?

Take the worry of what a disaster could do to your business and contact the IT experts at B4 Networks and let us prepare a backup and business continuity plan and implement a strategy to protect all your valuable data.

Any type of disaster could bring your business to an abrupt halt, and for today’s business a disaster doesn’t have to just be an earthquake or a fire because it could include:

  • Natural disasters from either a force of nature or some other cause such as an electrical fire or vandalism
  • Human errors like spilled beverages or unintentional deleted files
  • Cyber breach whether accidental or malicious

B4 Networks protects all your vital files and data for you with a detailed and comprehensive solution for both onsite and offsite to back up all you important files and to ensure a viable business continuity plan. Call us at (905) 346_-4966 or email us at so we can protect your company.

We provide a flat fee service in many instances so you always know what you are going to pay. Don’t get caught out when a disaster strikes, and ensure your business continues and thrives with our superior back up and business continuity approach. Our backup and business continuity solution will keep your business operating no matter what type of disaster strikes and when you least expect it.

The Backup and Business Services B4 Networks Provides Include:

  • Full Backup of all data and applications along with user settings
  • Backup services are provided so they are both onsite on your current servers AND offsite in Cloud Storage to ensure you are doubly protected
  • Testing and Verification that all backup were performed successfully and in full
  • Periodic monthly testing of backups
  • Complete system restoration

Your business technology needs to be secure and always available when you need it so put your trust in B4 Networks because we know how a disaster can impact your business. Call us at (905) 346_-4966 or and protect your business today.