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PRESS RELEASE – February 8, 2018



Contact: Bryan Lachapelle, President, B4 Networks Inc, 905.346.4966


B4 Networks Inc. has been named one of Canada’s TOP 50 BEST MANAGED I.T. COMPANIES at the 50 BEST MANAGED I.T. COMPANIES AWARDS GALA in Toronto, Ontario, on February 1st, 2018.

Fonthill, Ontario– February 8, 2018 – TechnoPlanet Productions has this year named B4 Networks Inc. one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed I.T. Companies.

“I am very proud of the entire B4 team for their hard work over the last year. This award is a testament to their determination and dedication to improving our processes” said Bryan Lachapelle, President of B4 Networks. “During the awards process last year, we went through the assessment process, and realized our operations weren’t up to snuff. The Technoplanet organizers gave us ideas on how we could make our operations better. Over the last year, we implemented many of those recommendations and I’m proud to say that after a whole year of hard work and collaboration from the entire B4 Networks team, we achieved this very prestigious award! I am truly humbled, and very excited for what the next year will bring for us as we continue to expand our operations in 2018”

About TechnoPlanet

About TechnoPlanet, a North American channel marketing company that has been doing business in the channel for over 25 years. Its news media divisions have been producing leading channel events and awards for over a decade. The 50 Best Managed I.T. Companies is the latest award to recognize the very best run companies in the channel. We often hear of top 100 VARs or MSPs based only on sales, but sales are not the only measurement of success. Many companies with lots of sales fail. What really sets successful and sustainable companies apart is the way in which they run their business. We believe that the best managed businesses will outsmart and outlast all others. So, we wanted to identify and recognize the best managed VARs and MSPs, and then help more to become better! It is part of our global mission to help the channel to become bigger, better and stronger!

Applicants to the 50 Best Managed program are evaluated by an independent judging panel of eight judges on overall business performance, including leadership, strategy, and core competencies throughout the organization. There are 12 main categories that were evaluated.

1. Business Vision and Strategy
2. Human Resources
3. Sales Process
4. Marketing Process
5. Help Desk Support
6. Business Operation Processes
7. Supplier Strategy
8. Product Strategy
9. Intellectual Property
10. Financial Management
11. Leadership and Management
12. Customer Satisfaction