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Cloud Consulting

B4 Networks understands the many advantages of cloud computing.

As an innovative business tool the cloud can be used to leverage and enhance the productivity of your company in a variety of ways.

The cloud has many conveniences such as being able to share work in multiple types of media or devices including files, videos, conferencing and with any form of mobile device. Migrating a portion of your business to the cloud can also allow us to provide a range of convenient hosted email solutions.

The Cloud allows you to operate in real time and from anywhere in the country or anywhere on the globe.

The cloud offers convenience and can be an excellent tool to provide a backup contingency plan to store your data in the event of a natural disaster.

But despite all the hype about Cloud computing, it’s not necessarily the ideal solution for every business as it’s a new technological approach with its own drawbacks and disadvantages.

Our Cloud Computing Approach

B4 Networks takes a consultative approach to the cloud. We do not recommend a total migration of your business to the cloud, but we will consult closely with you to discuss your current and future needs. We will look at what your business is trying to achieve, but we believe that your site is always best backed up with a 2 fold approach:

  • On site back-up of your existing, newly purchased or upgraded servers
  • Off site back-up, but we won’t put it all on just a single server

We will only upload applicable portions of your business to the cloud when and only if it’s absolutely necessary. Each business is unique and has their own specialized need so B4 Networks strives to provide you with your own particular customized IT solution.

B4 Networks always plans strategically for your future and provides customized IT solutions. If you want to know if the cloud is right for you then phone us at (905) 346_-4966 or email us at for a consultant to begin working with you today.