A Public Service Offer To My Fellow Niagara Business Owners And Managers Coping With Covid-19

Good day, 

As a business member of the Niagara community, I wanted to take this time to extend some assistance to my fellow business owners and managers.

A few months ago when we learned of the seriousness of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), as the proactive partner we are, we started the process of setting up all of our managed clients for the possibility of working from home.   With our team having completed that work some time ago, it has left us with the unique ability and capacity to help others in our business community.

As a public service, we are offering to help Niagara and Hamilton-based businesses that are able to let employees work from home do so safely and securely, by helping them set up the required infrastructure to allow their team to do so.  In some cases, we can perform this setup remotely and with no requirement for anyone to come onsite.  Here’s what we are offering:


For smaller offices where most employees currently work off desktops (5 - 20 staff):

  • We are extending our remote access toolset @ no charge until the end of May (for now...  may be extended) to any company not yet set up to work from home.   This allows someone to use their own home computer, to remotely connect to their office computer.  We may charge a very small highly discounted setup fee, but it’s well worth it if your staff can continue to work from home.  We will try as best as possible to keep it a no costs.   Most of the time we can have all this setup with your assistance in less than a few hours.
  • In addition, we will extend our cybersecurity stack FREE to those home users that are using their home computers so that they don’t risk compromising your corporate networks while working from home.


For slightly larger office or where most employees have laptops (10 - 30 staff):

  • We are offering to temporarily loan your organization a Sophos XG Security firewall, until at least the end of May (While stocks last).
  • Once installed, we will assist your team to configure their company laptops or home desktops to safely and securely remotely connect to your office by creating self-help documentation on how to access and configure the service.
  • This unit will be on loan at least until the end of April, and possibly longer depending on the fluid situation.
  • If your office has a simple setup, we will extend this at no cost provided the setup takes less than 3 hours to setup.  Some slightly more complicated setups may have a small charge to offset our costs.


Free Mailing list to distribute @ no charge, Cybersecurity Training - available to ANY business throughout Canada. 

We are in the process of setting up a mailing list to keep everyone up to date on how to work safely and securely from home.   Criminals will and in some cases already have taken advantage of the situation by trying to gain access to corporate networks through the less security home setups most of us have at home.

Note: This list will only be used for this purpose and no one will get spammed.  We hate spam as much as you do.

You can register for the mailing list here


To take advantage of any of the above offers, please fill in the form here

Stay safe everyone, and most importantly take care of each other.

With Warm Regards,

Bryan Lachapelle

President and CEO of B4 Networks Inc.