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Does Your Engineering Firm have Reliable IT Service?

We understand that most business owners aren’t technology experts – that’s why you need an experienced and reliable IT team to help ensure you’re working with the best solutions for your needs.

When you’re in an engineering firm, computers are the heart of your operations, and we help ensure that everything is running smoothly and effectively.

B4 Networks gets to know your unique needs, and we provide IT services and comprehensive support for the software that you need to thrive. Our technology team is always looking for the most effective ways to improve your operations, helping you meet and exceed goals by leveraging the full power of our IT.

Get in touch with B4 Networks at or (905) 346_-4966 to discuss the best solutions and offerings for the engineering industry.

When you’re working with B4 Networks, we ensure all of your needs are covered so that your firm is always operating at its very best. We guarantee:

  • Industry Expertise

B4 Networks is knowledgeable about engineering software, and we help ensure you understand the tools we provide so you’re always able to produce your best work. With our managed services, you’re able to store large CAD / drawing files, access centralized file storage, work with solutions that help to manage projects and time, and back up large amounts of data whenever needed.

  • Reliability

Our services and support are top notch – we work as your IT partner, to remove the burden of technology management from your shoulders, so you focus on running your business and keeping clients satisfied. With Help Desk Services, you’re able to reach out and get assistance any time an issue occurs.

  • Peace of Mind

Our proactive protection and business continuity planning safeguard your livelihood against outside threats, and even hardware issues.

  • ROI

With smart, effective solutions geared towards your unique needs, B4 Networks helps to ensure you’re getting the maximum return on your IT investment.

Get in touch with B4 Networks at or (905) 346_-4966 to gain a skilled and reliable IT partner for your engineering firm.