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FENA Insurance Solutions Inc. Has Full Confidence That b4 Networks Can Do it All

Insurance Niagara FallsWhen FENA Insurance Solutions Inc. was hoping to open a new location in the future, and was having difficulties with an alternate IT company, b4 Networks was able to jump in and provide the IT support and services that were necessary for them, and helped them achieve their goals.

Companies will live or die based on how well they understand their clients. When an IT company doesn’t understand, the client faces significant challenges as their needs are not being met.

The Situation: A Need for Systems and Technologies That Suit Their Unique Company!

As a smaller brokerage firm, FENA Insurance Solutions Inc. was originally working with B4 Networks, but had to be careful at the time with their budget. They made a switch to alternate IT Company with a very different service offering.

When speaking about the different offering used by the alternate company, Brenda Robinson (Operations and Commercial Account Manager of FENA) said, “I think the biggest challenge there was understanding -or lack of understanding- of what we did, what we do, and what we need; Which B4 Networks has always had a really good handle on.”

The Solution: An IT Company that Understands and Better Fitting IT Service Plan

During the entire transition to the alternate IT provider, B4 Networks was very cooperative, and caught many things the other provider hadn’t noticed.   After almost a year of dealing with problems at that new provider, FENA Insurance decided it was time to look for that ease of business they used to have with B4 Networks, so they signed back on with B4 Networks’ fixed fee full managed agreement.

“Part of our decision in going back to B4 Networks, was the ease of doing business with Bryan and his team”

On a daily basis, B4 Networks does a lot for them, including:

  • Monitoring backups and systems to ensure proper functioning.
  • Doing maintenance after hours as not to interfere with staff work.
  • Handling the profiling and adding of staff members.
  • Pricing, recommending, and ordering hardware.
  • Keeping all software programs updated.
  • Staying accessible to handle staff’s system problems directly.
  • Manage the day to day technology needs behind the scene

“The service is always very good,” she says, “I have no complaints about the service whatsoever. They’re always there like I said, if we have something that’s needed and we can schedule it – we schedule it. If it’s something that needs to be done right away, they appreciate the fact that there’s a reason for that, and they do their best to take care of it. Service levels are very good and the staff is very knowledgeable and very personable. Very easy to work with.”

The Outcome: A Leading Insurance Broker That Can Work How It Does Best!

Since going back to b4 Networks, FENA Insurance Solutions Inc. benefits greatly from an IT company that fully understands what they do and need.   Under the new fixed fee managed program, staff no longer have to disrupt a manager if they have computer problems, they now can just call B4 Networks directly and management knows it won’t cost any extra.

“At a point in time in our company every service issue used to come through me” Brenda explains,  “and I would look to see if it was something I could quickly take care of, and if not I would book a ticket, and also try and keep an eye on and monitor the usage (for cost reasons), now being under the maintenance program that we are under, if any of our staff have a problem of any sort, whether is a problem with the system or a question on something, they can book a ticket directly or call if they need an immediate response, and always get one of the B4 team.  With 24 people here now, that frees up a great deal of my time.”

Robinson expressed her appreciation while discussing the level of security the company requires, saying that b4 Networks completely understands this, and that they’ve helped to build a very secure system and servers. “They’ve got all of the components that are needed in place to make sure that the systems are secure.” she adds.

“They’re the experts.”

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