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Matthew Guadagnolo
Service Technician

My name is Matthew Guadagnolo, and I am a Service Technician at B4 Networks.

I love the fast-paced environment of helping B4 Network’s valuable clients find solutions to their technology questions. In my position as Service Technician, I find it very rewarding to work with a team of quality IT support technicians and to employ critical thinking skills to technology challenges.

I am currently working on completing a degree in Network Engineering and Security Analysis, a very interesting and relevant field in our industry. I am also an active and competitive gamer. These skills have equipped me with an ability to work well under tight deadlines and in real time. I love the opportunity to “stretch” my brain to find creative solutions for our clients.

It is my goal to make our clients’ lives easier and better through providing top quality IT support. I am excited to put my skills to work for you.