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The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd. Looks to B4 Networks for Responsive and Knowledgeable IT Support

A health and wellness manufacturing and marketing company, the Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd., has marketing/distribution agreements in more than 150 countries globally. They found themselves here in St. Catharines in need of an IT Provider that could help them with their technology issues. Thankfully, B4 Networks stepped in and was able to isolate key issues and provide solutions – fast.


When a company signs on with an IT provider that can’t get things done on time or correctly, and along with that is hard to access, the company faces significant challenges expanding – and possibly even surviving.

The Situation: An Expanding Company in Need of a Sophisticated IT Provider!

With an increasingly need to find an IT Provider that was able to provide them with industry-leading services and support that matched and exceeded their technology needs and goals, the Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd, was proud to begin its new founded partnership with B4 Networks.

We were finding it hard to get whatever we needed to get done, quickly, which made it a great stress relief once being introduced to the team from B4 Networks” explains The Mentholatum Company of Canada’s Financial Accounting Supervisor, Loucine Aghop.

The Solution: Responsive Support and a Rebuilt IT Environment That Works Properly

B4 Networks put this client on a full management solution. Normally this can take about a month to set up, but due to their urgent need, B4 Networks was able to get them onboard within a week. B4 Networks immediately went to work and implemented:

  • An onsite/offsite backup system.
  • Managed firewall.
  • Security systems.
  • Installation of a new server.
  • Coordination with the company that managed their accounting system.

Aghop comments, “They were very friendly. They were not trying to sell us, B4 Networks was trying to help us even if we did not go with them. So that was good, and they were very easy to talk to and helped us understand our systems – what’s going on, and how they could they help us.”
The Outcome: More Reliable Service That Gives Them Peace of Mind

Since working with b4 Networks, The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd. now benefits from quick, friendly, and always available service, a recreated IT infrastructure, as well as a monthly agreement with a fixed rate, so it does not matter how many service requests they put in or how many hours B4 Networks puts into a project – there are no additional costs.

“I find it very productive for me,” says Aghop, and adds, “At the beginning I was having a hard time dealing with IT issues when I do not even understand it myself. Now what I do is just send a ticket and B4 Networks will take care of it, and I do not have to waste my time worrying about how to fix it myself or that I’ll receive a large unexpected bill.  I find them very friendly and easy to talk to. I really like that about a company.”

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