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4 Questions to Ask Your Niagara Falls Computer Repair Specialist

Sometimes, to get the absolute best practices out of your computer repair specialist, you must ask some key questions to make sure they are “on the level”. If your Niagara Falls Computer Repair is at all worth their ratings and renown, they will already be performing at levels that answer all questions authoritatively. Nevertheless, to be sure, you’ll still want to ask questions of your computer repair service (like those below) that give you a better idea of where you and they stand in the IT practitioner-client scenario.

  1. Do you use the very latest anti-malware and antivirus tools? Your computer repair specialist in Niagara Falls should give you a straight, resounding “Yes” to that question. And, they should tell you exactly what those latest cybersecurity measures are, and what they can do for your PC or Mac security. If they hesitate, and/or say they don’t know what the very latest computer security tools are, but they’ll “look into it” you should keep looking for a true computer repair expert!
  2. Does your computer repair strategy include software support? Whether you are running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems, your computer repair tech should also answer “Yes” to this question confidently. If you are updating to either OS X 10 variants, Windows 10, or are updating your Linux OS, your computer support tech in Niagara Falls will be able to provide ongoing, comprehensive software support that gets you up to speed and keeps you there.
  3. What is your data backup strategy? Pretty much any computer repair specialist worth their salt will offer a cogent and useful data backup plan as part of their computer services, but asking this question will highlight exactly what methodology they use or suggest, e.g. cloud backup, on-premises server backup, hybrid, combinations of all the above, etc. Our data backup and business continuity strategy is about as broad-spectrum as you can get.
  4. Should I expect any other charges in addition to your hourly rate? This seems like a very standard question, but you don’t want any surprises from your computer repair company. Getting everything out on the table before contracting for services will make the whole process go smoother and better for both parties. (B4 Networks doesn’t stick you with any hidden fees, btw.)

Computer Repair in Niagara Falls Made Easy

With B4 Networks, you get the right answers to all your questions. No other computer repair company in Niagara Falls gives you as much for your money as we give you. Call us at (905) 346-4966 or email us at today with any questions on how we can help you get your computer back up to speed again.