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About Your Niagara Region IT Consulting Team

When working for another IT company that only handled repairs and urgent issues on an as-needed, on-call basis, Bryan Lachapelle, President and Founder of B4 Networks, knew businesses required much more – they needed an IT company that would be proactive in preventing issues and give them more value for their IT investments. After their biggest client moved to a different service provider, Bryan knew it was time to create B4 Networks.

Striving to Become The Easiest IT Company to Work & Communicate With…

Since starting B4 Networks, we’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners and managers – and almost all of them had the same compliant about IT companies: they’re terrible communicators:

  • Using lots of industry jargon
  • Failing to keep clients informed
  • Not fully explaining what’s going on

That’s why we strive to become the easiest IT company to work and communicate with – keeping our clients informed on each and every request while taking the time to answer questions and explain everything in simple, easy-to-understand terms; not geek-speak.

Taking a Business Approach to Your Technology & Becoming Your Personal IT Department…

We don’t approach IT from a technology perspective; we approach IT from a business perspective – becoming your personal IT department wherein you’re always able to leverage our team as if we were members of yours. We go above and beyond; meeting with you quarterly to discuss how we can further improve the way you use technology within your business.

Above all, we truly care about your business – and we care about avoiding the common frustrations people have when dealing with IT companies. Check out our “I CARE” philosophy and see for yourself:

  • I – Impact: We perform as much care and maintenance after hours as possible to minimize the impact we have on you and your employee. We also focus on resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • C – Communication: We dedicate a lot of our effort and time into communicating clearly and often with you and your staff members; keeping you informed and explaining everything in terms you can easily understand.
  • A – Accuracy: We always fix issues right the first time; and our staff members verify after each service request if the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction before closing the request, so you’re never for an issue to be fixed twice.
  • R – Respect: We don’t leave you waiting hours, or even days, for a call back – and we don’t make you feel stupid for asking questions. We respect your time and stay courteous to your needs.
  • E – Empathy: We know how frustrating technology issues are, and we know they can easily turn a good day into a bad day. We understand; and that’s why we make it our goal to minimize stress and find resolutions fast.

Discover what makes B4 Networks the perfect choice to be your IT service provider in St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara Falls, Grimsby and across the Niagara Peninsula. Call (905) 346_-4966 or email us at: