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North America Traffic Looks to B4 Networks Inc. In Their Time Of Need.

When their Internal Computer Technician gave notice that they would be leaving the company, North America Traffic was left with an unmaintained IT environment riddled with many technical issues that were left unaddressed. Fortunately for North America Traffic, B4 Networks Inc. was able to offer more responsive and easily scheduled support, allowing them to continue growing their business without technological barriers.

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There are a lot of companies still doing everything themselves these days, including the management of their IT environment. With only so many hours in the day, these busy companies may face significant challenges in trying to maintain the environment, keep up with technology, as well as focus on their needs. Addressing all of these pain points with only a single in-house IT representative can be extremely difficult.

The Situation: The loss of North America Traffic’s Internal computer technician mandated a change in their IT strategy.

Before switching to B4 Networks Inc., North America Traffic had an internal IT technician with B4 Networks Inc. servicing their larger infrastructure items such as server deployments and other higher level networking issues, but many of North America Traffic’s ongoing IT issues were left unaddressed because their internal IT person was assigned many non IT related duties that took him away from the day to day management of the network. When the technician gave his notice that he was moving on to another company, North America Traffic knew it was time for a change.

“When our in-house IT guy left and we were shuffling things around here, it was right around the time that B4 was restructuring the way that they provide service,” says Jordan Sherlock, General Manager at North America Traffic. “It was a good fit, and a good natural relationship we had already established; they had always done good work for us”.

There was no question as to who the company would turn to. B4 Networks Inc. was more than happy to take them on, suggesting a fully managed service for a fixed monthly fee that addressed all their IT needs. When North America Traffic saw that B4 Networks Inc. would do everything their computer technician had done at a lower price point, they were thrilled.

The Solution: A fully managed IT service plan to see to each and every IT need North America Traffic had been unable to address with a single in-house rep.

Prior to choosing a fully managed IT solution, North America Traffic had been dealing with an ongoing network issue that their internal IT representative was unable to resolve among his other daily tasks. B4 Networks Inc. spent a few days with several technicians isolating the issue and resolving it, with no additional cost to North America Traffic. As part of their service, B4 Networks Inc. also reviewed their cell phone bills and managed to save them $600 a month by moving them to a new plan with the same provider.

Sherlock comments on the real value of a fully managed solution, saying that “[. . .] it’s more of an instant thing; so, ‘hey, my Microsoft Excel just froze on me’ – I call B4 Networks and they’re on it. With an in-house guy, he’s not necessarily just there at a drop of a hat waiting for you to call him with a problem.”

The Outcome: B4 Networks Inc. now addresses North America Traffic’s issues as

soon as they occur, with speedy response and swift resolutions helping them to continue their work without interruption or delay.

With B4 Networks Inc.’s team made up of different techs specializing in different areas, Sherlock explained that “It’s a lot easier to schedule their time, in the sense that they’re there to do one thing and one thing only.”

Since working with B4 Networks Inc., North America Traffic has enjoyed significant benefits. They have seen how outsourced IT management can be less expensive than hiring internally, and as such they plan to never go back after experiencing the fair pricing and quality of service at B4 Networks Inc. Along with this, 24/7 service has brought the company the peace of mind that they need to continue achieving their business goals.

“We’re not a huge company, so when we had an in-house one-man band, he wore a lot of hats, so to speak,” says Sherlock. “I don’t think I would ever bring someone on internally again because it’s too hard to divide that person among so many areas. IT is IT. I want an IT person there so that when something breaks, it can be fixed.”

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