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B4 Networks Excited to Announce Partnership with Newest Client: PCS Niagara!

B4 Networks is incredibly thrilled to announce the latest client that has partnered with them for unparalleled IT strategy and support. The entire team at B4 Networks would like to extend a warm welcome to the entire team from PCS Niagara as they undertake this new business relationship!

PCS Niagara

PCS Niagara offers top-of-the line carpet and upholstery cleaning to a variety of commercial and residential clients across the Niagara region. The company started very simply: with two locals who just love serving their clients. In 1990 Annette Marchionda and her husband Len Hume realized a life-long dream. Len and Annette decided to design a service company from the ground up, paying special attention to the needs to the client. Building on a foundation of trust and more trust, Annette and Len committed to giving more than taking, going the extra mile and treating people with kindness and respect. It quickly became clear to them both that satisfying their own company needs was as easy as ensuring they met the needs of their clients.

It started with one small truck. Annette booked the work and Len delivered the service at clients’ homes. The two were committed to functional teamwork and Annette was even known to be out on the truck, especially in flood season. The team never tried to offer the cheapest service out there but instead focusing on providing the most value possible for a fair price. They both believe in upholding the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

This must have meant something to clients because word of mouth has continued to drive growth for these local entrepreneurs. And not only have they grown, they’ve retain customers for decades! In fact, all these years later and we’re servicing the very first apartment building they retained in June of 1990 – how’s that for loyalty and trust.

PCS of Niagara not only reflects Annette and Lens’ personalities but they’re also lucky to have an awesome team working with them that has one goal: provide the most value possible – plain and simple.

The entire team at PCS Niagara is committed to upholding this goal and ensuring that clients are never subjected to any “bait and switch” techniques.  Misleading clients – whether they be commercial or residential – is simply not an option at PCS Niagara. Their commitment isn’t all talk either. PCS has made an explicit oath to treat people ethically and with respect through At PCS, optimal service comes with a 200% guarantee. To learn more about PCS Niagara, the services they offer and their commitment to ethical practice visit:

If you’d like to learn more about how b4 Networks can provide tailored and reliable IT strategy and support to your entrepreneurial endeavours, please don’t hesitate to contact their team of experts for more information at (905) 346-4966 or