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Well Established Automotive Company Looks to B4 Networks For Guaranteed Response & Results

Thorold Auto PartsWhen Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers wanted to upgrade both their system’s response time, and their provider’s response time, B4 Networks came in and was able to offer the high speed -and good quality- IT support necessary for them.

We all know how finicky technology can be, and that’s why companies tend to place theirs in the hands of experts. However, when a company signs on with an IT provider that isn’t accessible and -perish the thought- something goes wrong, they face severe challenges moving forward.

The Situation: A Need for Guaranteed, Quick, Quality Service to Keep Them Moving!

Prior to joining B4 Networks, Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers was facing challenges with their provider who was based out of Toronto. Issues ranged from quality of service, to speed of service, to no service at all.

Pamela St Jean of Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers says that, “It definitely made for some difficult times, things kind of started breaking down or something wasn’t working and we couldn’t get help”

The Solution: An Entirely Updated Network and Quick Response to Improve Their Operations!

B4 Networks assessed Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers’ issues and quickly began implementing improvements, including:

  • Full overhaul of the entire network (change entire IP range, replace router, replace switch, servers, backup system, etc.)
  • Implementation of a redundant internet connection with new firewall, allowing traffic to pass along the fastest route possible.
  • Put on a version of B4 Networks’ fully managed plan, which includes a 1 hour SLA to improve service

Along with this, St Jean says that B4 Networks’ employees are never unhappy, and adds, “These guys are here basically before I am; If they spot a problem, half the time they’re here in the driveway – before I can get there.” 

The Outcome: A Rebuilt Network Infrastructure and Reliable Service That Works For Thorold Auto!

Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers has seen significant benefits since signing on with B4 Networks Inc., who has continuously provided outstanding IT service and support. St Jean expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, saying, “The service is phenomenal compared to what another company from outside of Niagara will give you… The personal service is bar none the best I’ve ever seen.”

She adds, “Having that person who can physically be here to reset what needs to be reset, then get all the guys up and running in a very short time… The difference has just been crazy for the business.”.

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