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Have You Considered The Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Your Business?

Your communication system is an important component of your business’ infrastructure. Relying on outdated or inefficient technology has the potential to be every bit as problematic for your business’ phone system as it would be for your computers. A traditional business phone system has limitations that may be hindering your operations. Especially if those limitations are inconveniencing your clients.

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems like the one offered  by B4 Networks provide enterprise-scale features and flexibility. Your mobile workforce can keep in constant contact, taking their office phone with them while they’re on the go using their mobile device. Your employees will never miss an important call from a client, or miss out on a conference call because they’re on the road.

Maintaining an on-premise phone system can be a hassle. Switching to a hosted VoIP system not only eliminates the need for you to waste valuable time and energy on hardware upkeep, but by using a hosted system provided and managed by the same team of experienced professionals already taking care of the rest of your IT infrastructure, you can save yourself juggling yet another vendor. All of your business’ IT needs can be taken care of by one company, with a single point of contact.

VoIP systems are fully scalable. Using intuitive web-based controls, you can easily add or remove users, and manage features with a few clicks of your mouse. A fully hosted system, monitored and maintained by IT professionals who can offer you live support to take care of any issues, is a surprisingly cost-effective alternative to a traditional on-premise phone system.

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