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What Makes A Great Technology Partnership Great?
Never Doubting That Promises Will Be Upheld And That Your Expectations Will Be Met.

B4 Networks believes that visibility and accountability are key components of constant improvement. These principles allow us to be fully transparent with our clients, ensuring that you always know what we’re doing for your business.

In the spirit of transparency, we want to share with you our Key Performance Indicators. These three factors are what we consider to be the most important when it comes to building and maintaining great partnerships with our valued clients:


8 Business Hour Ticket Resolution

This number represents the percentage of issues our technicians resolve within 8 business hours.


Client Satisfaction

This number is based on surveys our clients have filled out after a ticket has been resolved.

20 Mins

Average Response Time

This number is based on how long it takes for a client to receive an initial reply to their support request.

Why do we consider these to be the most important factors?

They are the very best metrics with which to rate our services, our staff, and our values. Where B4 Networks is concerned, these numbers speak for themselves.

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Don't take our word for it.
Here's what our clients are saying:

Bryan is a wonderful resource for my office. He is always available to respond to our emergencies and provides his service in a most professional manner. He is always on time, and is careful to keep me advised as to issues and options, with a concern for our bottom line. He also helps to ensure we prevent problems from arising. He has my unqualified endorsement!

Ron Adams Adams & Leduc – Niagara Family Lawyers

“Since signing on with B4 I have bragged about them…”

When you work with someone long enough, your first perceptions are usually confirmed. B4 is no exception, they have proved themselves trustworthy and honest. In all facets of business, not just network integrity. Since signing on with B4 I have bragged about them to other business owners, great staff and always return my queries- no matter how mundane. Keep it up, always a pleasure to interact with them

Jan VanZanten Van Zanten Greenhouses Inc.

“Get off the fence, the grass IS greener with B4”

The biggest benefit for us since moving to B4 Network’s is that I’m no longer the IT guy, trying to figure out every problem myself. I direct all those technical issues to B4 and they get handled, and as a result I’m now able to get more usable time out of my day.  Compared to all the other IT firms I’ve worked with in the past, B4 Networks responds very quickly and more importantly efficiently.   If you’re looking to make a change in your IT, get off the fence, the grass IS greener with B4.

Jamie Treschak Treschak Enterprises

“The biggest benefit for us is knowing that when we call, someone will be there to help us”

The biggest benefit for us is knowing that when we call, someone will be there to help us, 24/7.  Since working with B4 Networks, we've also come to appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable service provided by their technicians.  One of the things that we feel set's B4 Networks apart is their understanding that process / procedure and meticulous documentation is important for corporate standards.

Heather McCluckie Mentholatum Company of Canada

We started a managed program with B4 a few months ago.  While they were getting our systems in shape and clearing up old issues we were on the phone multiple times a week, sometimes many times in a day.  They were always patient with our questions and issues.  But they've fixed our issues and I'm happy to say I hardly ever talk to them now, nor does our team.  That has to be the definition of a well managed program!  Thank-you B4 Networks and all your helpful team.!

Len Hume PCS Of Niagara

B4 has proven to be a terrific IT partner for Frontier Utility Locating Services Inc. When we decided to outsource our IT, B4's services aligned with Frontier's perfectly. 24 hour service, attention to detail and follow through are just some of the things that make this relationship work.

Stuart Zaltz Frontier Utility Locating Services Inc.

We have recently started working with B4 and their response time and quality of work has impressed our team. As one of the primary projects, we switched from our old host provider to Office 365 and they were able to help us with little to no delay time in our operations. They are a great team and I would recommend people to use B4 for all IT needs.

Vlad Cojocari NuVest Management Services

“If you’re on the fence about switching to B4 Network’s, do it, you won’t be disappointed.”

B4 Networks always takes the time to listen so they properly understand our needs and then works with us for a solution.    Their team always provides personal friendly service with exceptional turnaround time.

There isn’t just one benefit to working with B4 Networks, their Managed IT service is a complete package that encompasses more than just fixing computer problems – like working with other suppliers on our behalf, auditing our system and proactively suggesting solutions before they become disasters. It allows us peace of mind knowing that B4 is there for any issue big or small.  We can count on the fact that everything is up to date and backed up properly and that should we have an issue B4 has the ability to restore data quickly and effectively.

If you’re on the fence about switching to B4 Network’s, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Melissa Warner Genaire Ltd.

“I Am Extremely Thankful For Their Services!”

B4 Networks is amazing! They even alerted me of compromised passwords that I wasn’t aware of. I am extremely thankful for their services.

Mitchell Boekestyn Flora Pack

“Customer Service Is Top Priority There!”

The team at B4 Networks is wonderful! The service technicians are knowledgeable, patient, and timely in their responses. Customer service is a top priority there! I want to take the time to thank service technician Teresa as she was extremely helpful in the setup of my Surface Pro.

Hannah Kowaleski Cosmic Plants Inc.

“They Are Ready And Eager To Assist”

B4 Networks is extremely adaptive to the needs of their clients. Whether you prefer calling the office, emailing, or getting support through the Client Portal, they are ready and eager to assist!

Ronnet Meeboer Flora Pack

“…Our I.T. Is In The Hands Of Those That Are Experts!”

Working with B4 Networks has removed the stress that comes with technology. They have allowed us to put all of our attention into the things we are good at, while promising our I.T. is in the hands of those that are experts!

Mike VanSteekelenburg Cosmic Plants Inc.

“...the techs at B4 Networks are extremely polite...”

As someone who doesn't speak English very well, I am thankful that the techs at B4 Networks are extremely polite and take the time to listen and understand my questions and concerns.

Marie-Eve LeBreton La Boîte à soleil
Francophone Child care

“I am thankful for the B4 team!”

The service technicians at B4 Networks are amazing! One of the techs fixes our printer issues like a boss! He goes the extra mile, calling third parties to ensure we are up and running efficiently. If our issues are not remedied over the phone, he will come to our office. I am thankful for the B4 team!

Yvonne Veldboom Cosmic Plants Inc.