In what seemed to have happened in a blink of an eye, most of the workforce has shifted from working in their offices to working remotely in their home offices. With years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of IT systems, we can advise you on the proper tools required to safely and securely set up your organization to work from home.

Benefits to Working Remotely

Aside from the spread of illnesses, there are several ways of having employees working remotely can benefit your organization. Studies on this subject have shown that employees that work from home are more productive than they would be working in the office. They are more willing to work overtime should the opportunity arise. Without the commute, employees are less stressed and much happier in their work and personal lives.

If you are considering having employees work remotely on a permanent basis, this opens your pool of potential job candidates rather than being restricted to your geographic location.

Overall, with the advancements in technology, many of the longstanding obstacles relating to remote work have vanquished. With the proper tools and software at our disposal, it is an easy process for B4 Networks to get you and your organization up and running to work from the comfort of your own home.

Keeping Your Organization Secure 

Our proven process has helped hundreds of organizations across Southern Ontario work remotely all while maintaining the proper security protocols to keep business and client data safe.

We take the time to know your IT systems and use the proper software and tools to keep it working as it should, safely and efficiently. This gives you the peace of mind needed knowing your data is secure even with your employees working out of your office.


How We Can Help Your Organization 

There are many ways we can get you and your organization up and running remotely. Below are just a few ways we can help.

VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to your work network from any computer connected to the internet. It creates a tunnel that lets your computer securely access the resources on another network.

Cloud Services: All data and applications that are based in the Cloud can be accessed virtually on any device that is connected to the internet. The Cloud keeps important information, programs, software, and systems running properly like it would on a desktop in the office. There are many cloud-based solutions that are available to organizations and we can help you pick the best platform to optimize your productivity.

VoIP: The biggest benefit of running a Voice over Internet Protocol is that an employee can make or take a call from anywhere, granted they have an internet connection, on any device. This service essentially allows your employee to have the capabilities of their office phone at home.

To start the discussion on how we can help your organization with remote solutions, please give us a call today at 905-228-4809 (Niagara office) or 705-885-0993 (Barrie office).