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Do Smartphone Apps Listen To Your Conversations?

We’ve all seen this: you scroll down Facebook or Google search results and see an ad for a restaurant or product you were just talking about the other day.

Finally Shed The Old This Year – It’s Costing You Much More Than You Think

New year, new technology! If your business is still relying on older and aging technology, it’s time to think about updating that ...


A GoPro camera is great for a crystal-clear, wide-angle video of yourself or your subject, and you can attach it to the end ...

Top 5 Ways To Overcome Setbacks & Grow

After you encounter a setback, it can be hard to start again. But simply believing in yourself is the best way ...

Get Organized And Back On Track

Top Business Apps To Get You Organized  If you’re struggling to stay on top of your work tasks, there are some ...

Successfully Convince A CEO In 3 Steps

Here is your chance. You don’t want to blow it. You have a meeting scheduled with a CEO. Your goal is ...

Shiny Gadget of the Month - Ovo Portable Steam Iron & Garment Steamer

The Ovo Portable Steam Iron And Garment Steamer is much smaller than your average iron and yet capable of so much more. It’s ...

Top Tips On How To Prevent Your Smart Cameras From Being Hacked

Smart cameras have been under attack from hackers for years. In fact, one popular smart camera system (the Amazon Ring) had a security flaw that allowed hackers to get into homeowners’ networks. ...

Is Working From An Office More Secure Than Working Remotely?

  It may come as a surprise, but working remotely can be just as (or more) secure than working in the office. If done right.   Those are the three operating ...

4 Steps To Move Your Business From Defence To Offence During Times Of Disruption

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” –Mike Tyson   As business leaders, we’ve all been punched in the mouth recently. What’s your new game plan? Since COVID-19, the annual or quarterly one you had is ...


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