Computer and network security today requires ongoing maintenance and care. Security is not a set and forget function. The days of just having an antivirus installed and expecting to be protected are gone. Keeping your computer systems secure today requires constant attention.

Imagine if your business had sensitive, private, and confidential data stolen, and published for everyone to see. How would that affect your business? Your reputation? Your pocketbook?


Some Things You Should Have In Place:

  • Keep Operating System and Software Updated: Microsoft and other vendors release regular patches and hotfixes to repair security vulnerabilities found in their software. Some of these updates are critical and needs to be installed as soon as possible.
  • Perform AntiVirus Checks: It is important to have an antivirus installed and updated. But most importantly, it needs to be checked regularly for activity. A proactive IT company will be monitoring your antivirus solution throughout the month for signs of infection. My recommendation is not to rely on “Free” antivirus for your business, and a centrally monitored solution is always best.
  • Content Filtering and Reporting: Having a good web content filter will not only prevent your computers from going to malicious websites but the reporting will also give you insight into browsing habits. Knowing which websites your computer network is requesting from the web can show you if you have an infected computer attempting access.
  • Proper Firewall and Updates: For this firewall, I am referring to the network router’s firewall rather than your desktop firewall. Use an enterprise-class router with a good firewall rather than a cheap router from the big box stores.
  • Password Management: Implement strict password protocols to prevent unauthorized access to computer, networks, and data. Passwords should be 12+ characters long, with a number and a symbol. But most importantly, passwords used for your business, should not be used by employees on 3rd party websites. Did you know? Website operators, in some cases, have access to your password in plain text. That means if you use the same password on multiple sites, the operators could have access to all those sites too.

B4 Cyber Shield v2023

B4 Networks recognizes that having all the right solutions in place, maintaining it, and monitoring it all can be a daunting task. That is why we have developed our B4 Cyber Shield v2023This security service addresses all the critical areas of keeping your business safe and secure - all in a low monthly investment.

Concentrate your efforts on growing your business front and let us handle the security in the background.

For more information on our Business Security Plus bundle, contact us by calling 905-228-4809 (Niagara office), 705-885-0993 (Barrie office), or use our contact form.