That’s So Tech

IT and the technological world are ever-changing. It can be hard to keep up - even for those of us in the industry. We found that when we had new admin staff join our company, they weren't as technical and would often feel overwhelmed with things our techs considered simple. With years of experience under their belts, our techs assume most things are quick and easy - but with those just starting, they have never been exposed to that knowledge. So if you too sometimes feel a little lost, then come check out That's So Tech - our podcast for non-technical people in a technical world!

UnHacked by Phoenix IT Advisors

When Russian hackers break into your business's computers, what will they find and how much will it cost you? How long will it take you to recover? Can you recover? Here's the sad truth: 97% of breaches could have been prevented with basic security measures; but once you've been hit... you can never get UnHacked!

UnHacked is a weekly cybersecurity podcast for SMB business owners and leaders that helps them sort through the overwhelming security costs and recommendations, and focus on the best practices that give the highest RIO.

Through The Lens by Amanda Lachapelle

Stories, life lessons, and musings with Amanda Lachapelle & Guests - a podcast that is wanders through the randomness of the human experience, art and the world we live in. Each episode I get the chance to either pour out a part of my soul about something I am passionate about or chat with someone about a subject we both are passionate about. This is an entirely selfish and personal endeavour and I just hope others either learn something or see another point of view from their own. This world needs more understanding and putting ourselves in the shoes of others.