You have a solid team. People are everything in business – that includes your employees. You strive to hire the best team (who match your core values and company culture and who bring top-notch skills to the table) and you train them well (they understand your systems and processes). On top of that, they’re happy!


You have purpose behind what you do. We all need purpose to not only be happy but also to thrive. When your team knows what they’re working toward and understand the value of their work, that gives them purpose. You’ve clearly laid out the objectives and everyone is on the same page. When your employees know why they do what they do, they’re happier and more productive for it.


You are passionate. You don’t just love what you do, you love the people you work with and you love the difference your business makes in the community or the world. When you have passion, it’s infectious. It inspires people around you. When your team is inspired, they’ll go the extra mile and your business will find success like it’s never found before., 5/20/2019