About Us

B4 Networks started in 2006—after Bryan lost his job with another local repair shop. Initially, working with residential clients—some of his previous commercial clients sought him out and wanted to hire him. The start of the focus on commercial clients began—16 years later we now deal exclusively with commercial clients and we run the organization together as husband and wife.

We have a great leadership team and a focus on growth and strategy—in fact, in January of 2020, we bought the original company that let him go back in 2006. Bryan has made it his mission to be diligent in obtaining new clients and making smart decisions for the company so that every day our employees can come to work knowing the company they work for is not just secure, but thriving.

At B4 Networks, we strongly believe in collaboration—while we have an executive team focused on managing the day to day operations within the service departments, we also believe in having feedback from each area of the company as a whole. This team is designed to work through problems and solutions the company faces as a whole and helps guide the direction.

Amanda Lachapelle

As Vice President of Operations, Amanda understands what excellence in an organization looks like. She is constantly driving the team to greatness and oversees the ways that each department works together.

Bryan Lachapelle

As President and CEO, Bryan found his true passion in the commercial and industrial sectors where he utilizes his experience as a Network Administrator for a large Toronto based Marine Shipping company.

Brittnee Orsini

As Manager of Professional Services & previously a member of the Marketing department with fantastic organization skills, Britt brings an attention to detail and an ability to carry out the creation of processes—planning each step.

Alex Vandersteen

As Director of Managed Services and one of our longest tenured employees, Alex brings thought to each discussion on behalf of both the Managed clients (and their preferences) as well as the managed team members.