Follow a thought leader in your industry.
Whether you follow them on social media or their blog, keep up-to-date with the issues they’re talking about. Then do further research into those issues. This keeps you in the know and more likely to learn something you can easily apply to your own business.

Use your best testimonials.
If someone posts a great review on Google, for example, reach out and ask about using it in your marketing. Or reach out to customers who you already have a good relationship with and ask if they’re willing to give you a testimonial. It builds credibility.

Partner up.
It pays to develop partnerships with existing vendors or other businesses that are adjacent to yours. That is to say, look for opportunities to share customers. If you have a customer who’s looking for a specific service you don’t offer, point them to someone who does (your partner). And your partner will do the same. Reach out into your business community and see what kind of relationships you can form.


Business Insider, Feb. 13, 2020