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Why Choose Us?


What Makes B4 Networks Different? Why choose us?

As President of B4 Networks, I understand that your computers and technology are required to make your business run efficiently. Read on to see what makes us unique. Different.

Mission Statement: 

To be the easiest I.T. Company to communicate and work with

Since starting B4 Networks, I’ve interviewed hundreds of business owners and managers.  Almost all of them had the same common complaint about I.T. companies.   They are terrible communicators.  Most technicians tend to use lots of jargon, and techeize to explain things, and are horrible at keeping clients informed on what’s going on.    This is why I’ve strived to manage the easiest I.T. Company to communicate and work with.


To ensure we reach our mission of being the easiest I.T. Company to communicate and work with, each of our staff are follow our unique “I CARE” philosophy.  “I CARE” is 100% geared to resolving the most common frustrations people have with dealing with an I.T. Company.    See for yourself.

  • I – mpact
  • C – ommunication
  • A – ccuracy
  • R – espect
  • E – mpathy

Impact:  We always look at the impact our actions will have on your business, and each of your employee’s personal productivity.   With that in mind, we reduce the impact maintaining your I.T. has on your business by performing as much care and maintenance after hours, and resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Communication: With lack of communication being the #1 frustration businesses have with the typical I.T. Company, we’ve dedicated a lot of our efforts in this category.

First, we promise you will be kept informed on each and every request, be it a call back to let you know we are working on your issue, or regular follow up when things take longer than anticipated, you’ll be in the know, all the time.

Secondly, our technicians are trained to have the ‘heart of a teacher’ and will take time to answer your questions and explain everything in simple terms, not “geek speak”.

Accuracy:  Done right, the first time.   There is nothing more frustrating than having an issue apparently “fixed” only to find out it was never really fixed in the first place.   Granted there are occasions where trial and error is needed to resolve issues, these are far and few between.   To ensure accuracy, our staff verify after each service request if the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction before “closing” a service request.

Respect:  No more waiting days to have a call back, or being made to feel stupid because you didn’t know how to do something.   We strive to have a call back to your office within 60 minutes of submitting a request, and to keep you informed throughout the entire process.    We respect your time, and that you contracted us because you’re not expected to know everything about IT, otherwise you wouldn’t have contacted us.    You will always be greeted with respect, and courtesy.

Empathy:  Having technology issues is frustrating, and can make a good day turn into a bad day really quickly.  We understand this, after all we use technology too, and yes, sometimes we run into issues as well.   Taking the time to fully understand a technology issue, and the impact it has on your day is not only important, it’s imperative to finding a resolution quickly.

We back all this up with our 100% Happy Client Guarantee. 

You work hard, and deserve to be 100% happy with the products and services we offer. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you into a “Happy Client”. No hassles, no problems.