Read – Many of the world’s most successful people are big readers. They take time every night to read, which sharpens creative and critical thinking skills.


Avoid Technology – They shut off electronic devices and let the brain relax. Blue light from our devices, including TVs and smartphones, makes it hard for our brain to prepare for sleep and can be very disruptive.


Walk – A few minutes of walking just before bed helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Walking is another great way to decompress after a long day.


Make Lists – We all have things we need to do tomorrow. Writing these tasks down gives our brains one less thing to think about, which equals better sleep.


Meditate – Ten minutes of meditation can do the mind and body good. Apps like Calm can help you focus and achieve inner peace before bed.


Reflect – Specifically, reflect on what went well. Going to bed with positive thoughts is a great way to elevate your mood and stay motivated. Keep a gratitude journal and write down what went well that day before going to bed.


Business Insider, 8/12/2019