1. Don’t Let Yourself Become Complacent

Success often leads to complacency. Businesses hit their stride, but that success isn’t going to stick if you aren’t constantly searching for new opportunities and adapting to change.


  1. Have A Sense Of Urgency

In the early days of your business, you may have had a sense of urgency. You need customers to thrive, but as you grow, that urgency can fade. It ties right back into complacency. You need strict metrics and constant goals. Always be pushing toward something new.


  1. Watch The Economy – And Your Industry

The world is always changing, especially now. Things change globally, regionally and locally. You need to be ready to adapt. Businesses that aren’t ready to adapt to changes in the market or economy will be left behind.


  1. Embrace Discomfort

New ideas can take some time to get used to, especially if they’re game-changers. However, if you brush aside ideas because they make you uncomfortable or disrupt the status quo, then you may miss the greater benefit of those ideas.


Inc., March 11, 2020