1. Turn Off Notifications. Every time you get a ping that you have a new email, it pulls your attention away from what you were doing. It’s a major distraction. Over the course of a day, you might get several pings, which can equal a lot of time wasted. Set aside a block of time for reading and responding to emails instead.
  2.  Use Filters. Many email programs can automatically sort incoming emails. You define the sources and keywords, and it does the rest. This helps prioritize which emails you need to respond to soonest and which are most relevant to you.
  3. Keep It Short. Most of us don’t like to read emails – and so we don’t. Or we quickly scan for relevant information. Your best bet is to just include the relevant information. Keep it concise and your recipients will appreciate it, and as a recipient, you’ll appreciate it as well.


Small Business Trends, April 23, 2020