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Our Team

<strong>Bryan Lachapelle</strong><br> <strong> President</strong>

Bryan Lachapelle

Hi, I’m Bryan Lachapelle, and I’m the President of B4 Networks.

I started working with technology since early childhood, and routinely took apart computers as early as age 13. I received my education in Computer Engineering Technology from Niagara College. Starting b4 Networks was always a dream for me, and this dream became true in 2004. I originally started b4 Networks to service the residential market, but found that my true passion was in the commercial and industrial sectors where I could truly utilize my experience as a Network Administrator for a large Toronto based Marine Shipping company.

My passion today is to ensure that each and every client receives top of the line services.

My first love is for my wonderful family. I also enjoy the outdoors, camping, and helping others. I’m an active Canadian Forces Officer working with the 613 Fonthill Army Cadets as a member of their training staff.

<strong>Amanda Doucette</strong><br> <strong> HR and Customer Service Manager</strong>

Amanda Doucette
HR and Customer Service Manager

Amanda is an integral part of our team, and is responsible for helping put together the team you’ll see below.

Amanda also helps with the development of policies and customer service best practices that have guided us over the years.

In her newest role as Customer Service Manager, Amanda works closely with our managed clients to ensure they are always getting the best possible service from our team.

<strong>Steve Lamarre</strong><br> <strong> Service Manager</strong>

Steve Lamarre
Service Manager

I’m Steve Lamarre and I’m B4 Networks’ Service Manager.

After graduating from Niagara College’s Computer Engineering Technician program in 2008 I split my time between Audio Visual and Information Technology work for both non-profit and profitmaking businesses.

Having a mostly non-profit focused past I have grown a love to work with people to make sure they’re getting the most out of their systems and to help get to the next level with minimal cost involved. Whether it’s backups, antivirus protection, Unified Threat Management or just server maintenance, I always feel better when I know each client has the right services and service plans to meet their needs.

I’m excited to help grow our service team. I hope to always keep our team focusing on the fact that we support people, we’ve all just chosen to do that by maintaining and fixing their systems.

<strong>Alex Vandersteen</strong><br> <strong>Technical Account Manager</strong>

Alex Vandersteen
Technical Account Manager

I’m Alex Vandersteen and I’m the Network Adminsitrator for B4 Networks.

As Network Administrator, I’m responsible to make sure our clients networks are configured properly, kept secure, and make sure everything is backed up properly.

I’ve lived in the Niagara Region all my life, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I love the region, with it’s great scenery, interesting attractions, and fantastic people.

After attending and graduating from the Computer Engineering Technology program at Niagara College in 2011, I furthered my education by training for and becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

I have been working with computers and networks for most of my life, and love what I do.  I look forward to providing top tier technical support your businesses.

<strong>Lisa Thrift</strong><br> <strong> Service Technician</strong>

Lisa Thrift
Service Technician

Hi, I’m Lisa Thrift, and I am a Service Technician for B4 Networks.

In my role as a Service Technician for B4 Networks, I have the privilege of providing support for our clients. An important part of my job is to help alleviate our clients’ stress and frustration from dealing with technology glitches by providing real world solutions to big tech problems. I enter my office each day with a smile on my face, and I leave the same way, knowing that I was able to help someone today.

With my degree in Broadcasting and Computer Systems Technology as well as my love for gaming and photography, I bring a great variety of experience to my work in IT support. I welcome the challenge of each new situation and enjoy finding solutions and helping our clients understand and implement it.

I enjoy the positive team environment of working at B4 Networks and the opportunity to be a problem solver for our clients each day.

I look forward to working with you!

<strong>Andrew Vandersteen</strong><br> <strong> Service Technician</strong>

Andrew Vandersteen
Service Technician

Hi, I’m Andrew Vandersteen, and I am a Service Technician for B4 Networks.

As your Service Technician, it is my job to make certain that you are able to get the most from your technology. I am here to assist with any challenges you might face. Whether it’s a question about how something functions, troubleshooting a problem, or equipment that’s just not working correctly, I’m here to help.

Before getting into IT service support, I studied Media Studies and earned a diploma in this field. I also have worked on several different films. My background in these fields has provided me with a diverse skill set to draw from to assist you with your technology needs.

I enjoy puzzling through technology issues and look forward to helping you find solutions to help your technology function the best for you.

<storng>Matt McAuley <br />Service Technician</strong>

Matt McAuley
Service Technician

My name is Matt McAuley, and I am a Service Technician at B4 Networks.

As a Service Technician it is my responsibility to make sure that any computer related issues are handled in a timely and professional manner. I want our clients to get the most out of technology while making them feel like they can come to us with any questions or concerns.I have always had a passion for technology, and problem solving and working for B4 Networks lets me utilize my skills in these fields to help our clients find the resolutions that work best for them. I strive to provide excellent customer service and love having the opportunity to share my love for technology with others.

I graduated the Computer Systems Technician course at Niagara college and have enjoyed putting the skills that I have learned there to good use in a career that I am passionate about.

<strong>Daniel MacPhee-Phillipson<br /> Marketing</strong>

Daniel MacPhee-Phillipson

My name is Daniel Macphee-Phillipson, and I am a part of the B4 Networks marketing team.

I recently joined the B4Networks marketing team after finishing my first year in Seneca College’s marketing program in Toronto. My goal this summer is to help B4Newtorks with its various marketing campaigns, while also learning and applying new skills in the field before I go back to my studies in September.

My responsibilities include market research, company media and information sourcing and press releases, however, most of my time with the company is spent managing the design and assembly of company newsletters, fun packs and campaigns.

I enjoy the positive environment here at B4 Networks, and look forward to helping the company grow as best I can.